Lennox Declines Warranty Claim Despite Claim Made Within 5 Years of Installation


Consumer Affairs Re: Lennox [ ref:_00D80LcQA._5003c1fPe6X:ref ]

Received: 12:51PM, August 15, 2022

Dear Mark:

We have added the provided service invoices to your casefile. We appreciate the opportunity to address your concerns.

Lennox run tests it’s equipment prior to shipment, and once a system has been installed, charged, and sealed, it is not necessary to add more refrigerant in the future. In the event additional refrigerant needs to be added, a leak test is recommended to identify the source of where the refrigerant is escaping the system (leak, loose fitting, etc.). The Lennox warranty does not cover labor, including refrigerant, however, in the event a part needs to be replaced, the part will be supplied, under the terms of the warranty provided with your unit.

The standard Lennox Equipment Limited Warranty on a 14ACXS036-230A-20 air conditioner (Serial No. 1917J19739) installed in a privately-owned residence covers all parts for a period of five years. Our records indicate that you properly registered your product and therefore, you also enjoy an additional 5 years of limited warranty coverage, for a total to ten years from the date of installation.

We sincerely regret that you have experienced the unpleasantness detailed in your submission. However, we cannot honor a request for compensation of costs outside of the warranty or provide replacement. For that reason, Lennox respectfully declines your request.

We thank you for taking the time to contact us and for your purchase of Lennox products.


C. Muse
Consumer Support

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