Lennox Second Frivolous Response to Online Claim and MB’s Response


Consumer Affairs Re: Lennox [ ref:_00D80LcQA._5003c1fPe6X:ref ]

Received: 13:35PM, August 9, 2022

Dear Mark:

We are in receipt of your most recent email. So that we can gain a better understanding of your situation, please detail the complete model/serial number of the failed unit. Also please let us know what parts have failed.


C. Muse
Consumer Support

Response to Frivolous Lennox Reply

Sent: 16:30PM, August 9, 2022

I provided you with a full picture of the plate for the unit in question which clearly shows the model no. 14ACXS036-230A20 and serial no. 1917J19739.

The whole unit failed and it has failed again after spending $1300 with Randalls to ‘repair’ the issue per the invoice – previously supplied which details the work done.

We have 2 bedrooms without a/c in one of the hottest summers in recent times.

I believe you are stalling, based on the slow response times and frivolous questions above.

I expect a resolution by return or I will escalate the matter accordingly.

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