Lennox Still Unlawfully Baulking Valid and Timely Warranty Claim and Intentionally Avoiding the Real Facts


Consumer Affairs Re: Lennox [ ref:_00D80LcQA._5003c1fPe6X:ref ]

Received: 9:29AM, August 22, 2022

Dear Mark:

We are in receipt of your emails. We appreciate the opportunity to further address your concerns.

We would like to take a moment to explain the business relationship that exists between Lennox and the contractors who sell our equipment. As a manufacturer of indoor comfort equipment, we sell this equipment to these contractors. These contractors are separately owned and independently operated businesses that operate under state and/or local licensing agencies, and as such are solely responsible for their own business practices, pricing, and operations. These contractors take the responsibility for sizing, designing, installing, and servicing systems, using proper workmanship, under the guidelines of state and/or local codes. As a manufacturer, we do not provide onsite diagnostic or repair services.

Lennox “recommends” that the system be serviced by a qualified service technician at the beginning of each cooling and/or heating season. Routine maintenance includes a check of all major system components and equipment operation, but also allows the technician to identify and eliminate any concerns, should they exist, thereby helping to prevent more costly repairs should those concerns be left uncorrected.

In this case, your technician has identified a leak and added refrigerant as a temporary fix. The Lennox warranty does not cover labor, including refrigerant, however, in the event a part needs to be replaced, the part will be supplied at no cost, under the terms of the warranty provided with your unit. We encourage you to continue consulting with your contractor for the best solution to your situation.

Should you wish to contact a Lennox dealer in your area for assistance, please call our dealer locator line at 800-953-6669. You will also find this information at our web site www.lennox.com/locate.

We hope you find this information useful in addressing your concerns.


C. Muse
Consumer Affairs

Extract from my last response:

To recap, after Hurricane Harvey, we had to replace all air conditioning units and as the supplied invoice shows, 1 x 5ton and 2 x 3ton units were installed, all Lennox units. One unit has failed within 5 years of installation.

Lennox Admission #1

Lennox run tests it’s equipment prior to shipment, and once a system has been installed, charged, and sealed, it is not necessary to add more refrigerant in the future.

Lennox Admission #2

Our records indicate that you properly registered your product5 years full replacement warranty and 5 years additional limited warranty.

Lennox Replacement Parts are Inferior

I have researched Lennox and note the class action Thomas v Lennox Industries, Inc.;

Case Number: 13-CV-7747
Honorable Sara L. Ellis

As such, I reject your patch fix with known inferior parts, and which are failing within 2 years of repair. I will only accept a new replacement unit for the lemon Lennox air conditioning unit.

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