Lennox Won’t Accept their Own Admissions Confirming they Supplied a Lemon Lennox Air Conditioning Unit


Consumer Affairs Re: Lennox [ ref:_00D80LcQA._5003c1fPe6X:ref ]

Received: 9:56AM, Friday, August 26, 2022

Dear Mark:

We at Lennox Industries Inc. value all of our customers, and it is our policy to provide the highest quality product. Regardless of the amount of effort exerted as we strive to provide product of the highest quality, failures do occasionally occur. There are a number of reasons this could occur; however, we are not in a position to evaluate the cause. We rely on a dealer’s guidance to identify the root cause of any failure, and to repair it in a fashion to avoid re-occurrence. As a manufacturer, we do not provide onsite diagnostic or repair services.

Please be aware, Lennox Industries Inc. agreed to settle a class action lawsuit about its indoor evaporator coils, purchased between October 29, 2007, and July 9, 2015. Please be aware, when a case is settled it is not an indication that the company was at fault, but rather a decision for all parties involved to not continue with legal action, as no one has found that Lennox has done anything wrong.

The administration of the settlement claims process is handled by a third party, court appointed, claims administrator. As such, Lennox does not control or handle the claims administration of this settlement, nor does Lennox determine who may or may not be entitled to any potential benefits provided under the terms of the settlement. For more information about the Settlement, or to follow up on your claim, we would suggest you please visit www.lennox.com/locate or email the court-approved claims administrator at admin@evaporatorcoillawsuit.com. Any inquiries regarding this Settlement must go through the court-approved process.

As you are aware, the standard Lennox Equipment Limited Warranty on an 14ACXS036-230A-20 air conditioner (Serial No. 1917J19739) installed in a privately owned residence, covers all parts for an extended period of ten years. The Lennox warranty does not cover diagnostic fees, labor, or refrigerant. We have attached a copy of the Lennox Equipment Limited Warranty the clearly outlines the coverage. This warranty can not be revised.

While we understand your dissatisfaction, and subsequent request, we cannot honor your request of costs not covered under the terms of the original written warranty provided with this product. Lennox’ sole obligation is to provide replacement parts under the terms of the warranty. We recommend consulting with a licensed or qualified HVAC contractor to identify the source of your concerns and determine the best solution to get you up and running.

This communication is on behalf of Lennox Industries and Lennox International as a whole.


C. Muse
Consumer Support

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  • Same here, very frustrated!

  • Bruce Barnes August 26, 2022

    Purchased a home that was 5years old and 1 year later the AC Coils has failed (leaks). I also purchased this home thinking that I would not have to deal with HVAC replacement or issues!

  • Richard Wright August 25, 2022

    I have been in my house less than 3 years and I have had HVAC repairmen out over 10 times. I have two units and I am now waiting on my 2nd coil. Lennox took 4 months to replace a compressor and now It has been three week since my second coil went out. Lennox from what I am finding out just doesn’t care.

    • Rafaela Gilmore August 26, 2022

      Hi Richard, we are also waiting on replacement coils for our two units, it has been 4 weeks now since the contractor ordered the coils. Up to today we don’t even have an ETA for the coils. I am wondering if your failed coils were the old copper coils or the newer version aluminum coils? I am scared to hear that the newer aluminum coils are failing after few years also. Thanks for your reply.

  • Sean Williams August 23, 2022

    I have spent 3,200 on leaked refrigerant and labor on a 2 year old unit. It failed last month and leaked all refrigerant. They replaced the coil part only, no labor. It was a defective replacement part and 1 month later it leaked all of the refrigerant again and replaced the coil with no labor covered. What a joke, 3 coils and no coverage for refrigerant or labor.

    • Rafaela Gilmore August 26, 2022

      Hi Sean, I try to collect information here whether the aluminum coils are failing the same way as the copper coils. I thought Lennox was switching to their new aluminum coils as advertised on their website. I am also a frustrated end user sweating in hot and humid monsoon-time-Arizona, waiting for the replacement coils for 2 units since now 4 weeks. Anyone reading this and having info, please reply to my original post from 19th August 2022. Thanks.

  • Rafaela Gilmore August 19, 2022

    I’ve called Lennox customer service directly this morning and expressed our frustration about several things. For one, that they knowingly sold bad coils back in the days, the lawsuit (Thomas vs Lennox) and settlement regarding this part was in 2015, exactly the year when we bought it from our then HVAC contractor. There was no recall and many customers, including us, had no knowledge about it, HVAC contractors in favor of Lennox also decided to keep silent towards their customers about the issue. If customers would have been informed in some way, at least those who already bought, could have benefitted from the settlement (Thomas vs Lennox lawsuit 2015). We will be stuck with the costs for labor and freon for now 2 units in our 2016-finished home, approx. $2700.

    Second, their units and this particular part is obviously failing throughout the country because there is enough proof now that it’s designed to fail. Lennox management knows it, they should be stocked up with replacement parts BIG time, but instead they let their customers down again not being able to provide the parts within a decent time. The parts were ordered 3 weeks ago and still no confirmation of delivery time. We are in Phoenix AZ, it’s Monsoon season and our home became a sauna. It’s obvious how much they care for their customers… not at all. Yes, we are very frustrated with Lennox. And when we asked their warehouse whether we’ll be getting their new Aluminum coils for replacement, they confirmed. But reading here the latest comments, that replacement coils failed after a short time again, scares me now. When does this nightmare end? Thanks for your time reading. If there was another lawsuit, I would be interested to get information.

  • Kevin Maccagli August 18, 2022

    I had a Lennox unit installed May 31, 2022. It worked fine until August 12. We returned after a 2 week vacation and noticed the ac unit was running all day. After realizing the air coming out of the vent was around 68 degrees I realized we had an issue. I called the installer who came out and conducted a leak test. He determined the unit was low on Freon and the evaporator coil was leaking in the center area of the coil and could not be repaired. Lennox was notified and stated coils are unavailable and do not know when they will be available. They are on back order. So I now have a brand new unit just over 2 months old the I can not use. My feelings are Lennox should approve a replacement unit being the new unit failed shortly after the install.

  • Aleksandr Zhukhovitskiy August 17, 2022

    Same problem: evaporator coil just broke, only two years after the Lennox AC unit was installed in my home. Lennox evaporator M/N CXH35-36B-6F-1. The part is under warranty, but replacement cost and refill of the coolant is going to cost $2000. The AC specialist who diagnosed the problem told me he sees this exact problem with Lennox units daily. I called Lennox and they told me that they can’t help me. I would love to join a lawsuit against them.

  • Stewart Edwards August 10, 2022

    Mungo Homes , the number two Home Builder in the nation, has been installing the Lennox unit with coil failures.
    I live in a community developed by Mungo Homes in Little River SC. We are having failure after failure. Is there a class action lawsuit active

  • Lynne McClure August 2, 2022

    Has been over 30 days since we were told our evap coil had failed on my 3-yr old unit. The very reason for buying a new home was to avoid major repairs for a while – already replaced the refrigerator. We definitely want to be a part of this class action. Seems that Lennox refuses to do the right thing regardless that it is the hottest Texas summer on record. Lennox M/N CBH25UH-048-230-10.

  • Damiano July 31, 2022

    We purchased a Lenox unit in June 2016. The evaporator was replaced less than a year after purchase. Now four years later the 2nd evaporator is leaking. On July 5th our HVAC repair company ordered a new Evaporator. As of today July 31 2022 Lennox has not provided an ETA for the coil. Meanwhile the temperatures have been in the middle 90s in Florida for the entire month

  • Steven Bailey July 31, 2022

    In 2016 we installed a Lennox AC Unit for the upstairs and a Packaged Unit for the downstairs. We have a 10-YR Warranty. We have an annual maintenance contract for the HVAC units. In 2020 the coil for the upstairs unit had to be replaced due to leaks. Total cost to diagnosis, deice and then install new coil was $1,700. Now in 2022, the downstairs Package Unit coil must be replaced. Labor to install, plus other expenses will be $1,800. It’s now been 7 weeks and we are told the coils are backordered with no estimated time for delivery. In the meantime, it’s 80+ degrees downstairs. It’s obvious Lennox never fixed the design / manufacturing flaw with their coils. What are our options?

  • Melodie Durham July 26, 2022

    I am so disgusted with my 2 Lennox AC units installed in 2014. I have had to replace the coils in both units at a cost with the coolant of $2500 each. This is indeed fraud. I asked the company who installed the ones we replaced (2002) with Trane and they said it was a waste of money. Something needs to be done. All of us need to enter into another suit against this company. I’m outraged.

  • Ron July 17, 2022

    Lennox AC, absolute junk. Have had the evaporator coil fail twice within 10 years, inspite of installing the second evaporator coil with a coated coil. Lennox will keep replacing under warranty their defective coils with with a new defective coil. At a cost of about $4,000 to the home owner fir labor and replacement freon costs.

  • david g kery July 13, 2022

    i had a lennox when the house was built in 1992. it lasted 23 years, till it was replaced in 2015. last year the fan motor went, which they discovered it was a faulty design. now a year later my compressor just went. WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON.

  • July 5, 2022

    Lennox is the biggest piece of shit out there. My house is barely 3 years old and after arguing with them they agreed to replace the compressor free. $1800 labor charges and not Lennox nor the piece of shit old republic home warranty would cover it.

  • Magen July 1, 2022

    We have a Lennox system that was installed in 2017. We have already had a coil replaced once. The system is yet again leaking freon and the coil is frozen. This new repair will cost us over $3k!

  • Joe Stuckey June 30, 2022

    Our unit seem to be not cooling well so we called the company that installed the unit seven years ago and they said it needed 7 pounds of our 410 yet showed no leaks. How can it needs so much Freon and show no leaks? $700 spent on Freon but no leaks. Makes no sense. Mine is a model LXP25-036

  • Rob Brooks June 29, 2022

    Same story. Purchased and installed in 2017. Coil went this week which is a few months after warranty expired. Imagine that.
    Was told it would be 2800 to replace.
    Time to join in the lawsuit.
    Lennox what a piece of junk. Buyer Beware.

  • gennaro azzarone June 27, 2022

    my lennox coil leaked after 4 years. is there another class action. it seems like we all have the same problems. it just cost me more then $1100. please contact me if there is.

  • Vincent W Pandolfi June 25, 2022

    We purchased a Lennox central air in 5/2009 and had the evaporator coil replaced at the end of 5/2019. Just before the warranty expired (6/2019). At the end of 5/2022, a leak was discovered in the replacement coil. The leak was in a place that to could not be fixed.Was told that to replace the coil would be about $6m. A new system would be anywhere from $13m to $23m. Lennox danced around saying the warranty expired etc, etc. and referred us back to the installer. If I would have known about all the problems with the coil, I would have been somewhat more aggressive in my approach. Waiting for Lennox to get bck to me.

  • Bill Sheehy June 22, 2022

    I same issue of all above comments with failed coil unit is 6 years old past warranty dealer here suggests replacing entire unit with different brand for $6K talking to Lennox was a waste of time.
    Since Lennox already settled a class action and continue to make a bad product failing with same symptoms I am at a loss why someone Government? Can do something about this it’s like being held up every few years after next replacement coil fails if spent on replacing

  • Don Jaksa June 11, 2022

    I too am a victim of the Lennox coil disaster. Cost of coil replacement is $2200. My unit is 7 years old

    Another Whiz-Bang super-duper ultra modern gadget turned to utter failure

    This is an ongoing symptom of the steady decline

    It is true…The future was better in the past

  • Enrique June 8, 2022

    My Unit went out 2 days ago bought it new 2015 Lennox of course, already been charge $375.00 Just to let me know the coil is leaking. fixing it will be $2700.00 replacing the coils. reading all your comments seems like some of you already replaced a few times. I’m thinking about replacing the whole system. (again) sad!

  • Lorraine Greff June 7, 2022

    We just replaced our 3rd coil. Another & 2700.00.
    I called Lennox & they refuse to talk to me because there was a class action lawsuit.

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