This Old House Warranty Review 2022 Confirms the Lemon Lennox Unit Should Be Replaced with a New Air Conditioner


Lennox Warranty Review (2022)

During extreme weather, homeowners rely on efficient heating and air conditioning to maintain indoor air quality and comfort. A Lennox warranty can protect your current setup from high service costs and offer peace of mind if your HVAC system breaks down. Keep reading to learn more about what a Lennox warranty covers and how much one costs.

Published: July 26, 2022 | Republished: Aug 19, 2022

Lennox is an appliance manufacturer that has been creating innovative air quality products since 1895. The company has moved the HVAC industry forward by offering solar-powered AC units, two-speed compressors, and leading efficiency ratings. Today, the manufacturer builds HVAC equipment with Energy Star approval, smart connection capabilities, and adaptive technology that controls thermostats zoning systems.

While Lennox appliances certainly showcase high-quality and reliability, we feel it’s just as important to understand the company’s warranty policy. In this review, the This Old House Reviews Team goes over Lennox warranty coverage and discusses options for extended coverage.

State Availability

Lennox Warranty is available in 49 states—it is not offered for Alaska residents. For those living in AK, here are alternative home warranty companies in Alaska.

Lennox Warranty Plans and Coverage

After purchasing a new Lennox air conditioning unit or furnace, the equipment is provided with a basic limited warranty. This warranty is broken down into several tiers of protection based on the series of appliances that are purchased. Here’s a look at the different protection levels of a basic Lennox warranty.

Lennox Extended Limited Warranty

This Lennox warranty requires product registration since only select units are eligible for coverage. Customers will have to answer a brief questionnaire regarding their type of home and if a licensed contractor installed the system. Purchasers must then enter the appliance serial and model number.

Once successfully registered, policyholders can receive additional protection on the following:

Parts and compressors—Customers will receive parts and compressor coverage for five to 10 years on select Lennox Elite and Merit series appliances.

Heat exchangers—A Lennox extended limited warranty supplements the basic limited warranty by increasing the guarantee on heat exchangers from 20 years to a limited lifetime on select gas furnaces.

Note: The Lennox extended warranty covers only the cost of components, not labor, and can be voided without proof of periodic maintenance records.

The Lennox Comfort Shield Labor Warranty

This labor protection program protects both the owners of an appliance and the Lennox dealer, as the manufacturer offers to reimburse their fees with no deductible due for the consumer. This plan is only available for purchase from an authorized dealer who participates in the Comfort Shield coverage.

Lennox Warranty Pricing

The cost of a Lennox warranty will vary between each expert Lennox dealer and depend on the package chosen. To get a general sense of how much a Lennox warranty costs, the This Old House Reviews Team found some Lennox tier options and related pricing on the Lennox website.

Cost Breakdown

How to Get a Lennox Warranty Quote

Since basic limited warranties are available with all Lennox appliances, and registration is required when an extended warranty is activated for qualifying equipment, you’ll need to request a quote only if you wish to partake in Comfort Shield. The best way to get an accurate quote is to find an expert Lennox dealer in your area.

How to Make a Lennox Warranty Claim

To address a claim with a Lennox warranty, customers can contact the customer service department at 800-953-6669. Unfortunately, Lennox support is limited to the call center’s Monday through Friday hours, and emergencies will not be addressed during weekends or holidays.

Another way to get in touch with someone regarding your warranty is by contacting the expert Lennox dealer who sold and installed your unit. Depending on volume, services will be scheduled at their convenience, so delays may occur.

Lennox Warranty Reviews

Lennox Industries, Inc. has been in business for more than 125 years and is accredited with an A+ rating by the Better Business Bureau (BBB). Lennox products are high-quality and long-lasting, but the company has dealt with a few customer complaints. Here are a few Lennox warranty reviews:

“Lennox is an excellent System. We brought two sets of A/C, furnace, and coil systems. It is installed by Arctic Blast Heating & Air Conditioning by Mr.Clay McNabb and his crews. They are very efficient and done a very good job to install these units. We really appreciate Lennox and Arctic Blast Heating & Air Conditioning.” — Joy J. on 7/21/2018

“A month after our 5-year product warranty ended, we had to replace the evaporator coil for about $1,700.” — Amie S.

Our Conclusion

Though a Lennox warranty may be a good option for people who purchase specific Lennox heating and air conditioning units, the manufacturer’s warranty and the extended limited warranty aren’t as beneficial as home warranty protection plans which cover repairs and replacements and labor costs.

Without a Comfort Shield package in place, consumers are responsible for expensive labor costs when a Lennox appliance fails. While it provides ample protection for covered components, the cost of knowledgeable service from a licensed HVAC technician can be significant.

Instead of only protecting the parts of heating and air conditioning systems, we recommend acquiring service from a home warranty provider like American Home Shield.

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